Good Intentions Foundation

Est. September 2020

The Good Intentions Foundation is a US-based nonprofit organization founded by Pranav Giridhar in September 2020. Headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, the GIF team strives towards climate action, quality education, and sustainability in our mission to leave behind a positive mark on the Earth. With good intentions in our hearts, GIF employees value leadership, integrity, and honesty above all else.

Latest updates from Good Intentions Foundation:

Best Student-Led International Educational NPO

Good Intentions Foundation was nominated for the AI Global Media awards in February 2021 and recently won the award for the Best Student-Led International Educational NPO - USA.

99 Innovative Non-Profit Startups Worth a Follow in 2021 - The Startup Pill

GIF was named a ‘Top-99 Innovative Non-Profit Startup of 2021’ in an article showcasing top picks for the most innovative nonprofit startups of 2021. These startups, GIF included, are taking a variety of approaches to innovating inside of the nonprofit industry all around the world.

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Take a look at the issues we're trying to solve in our community:

Environmental issues

One of Good Intentions Foundation's focuses are environmental issues. We strive to solve an ongoing pandemic of climate change and pollution. Climate change is a severe issue driven by human emissions of greenhouse gases. Climate change will not only affect our current generation but the many more to come. The environmental affects of climate change include drought, heat waves, extreme weather, habitat destruction and arctic warming.

Education for all

At Good Intentions Foundation, we believe that everyone deserves a good education. In third world areas such as Africa and Central Asia, most children don't get the chance to receive the education that they deserve and as a result of that, more than 72 million children go unschooled. The reason of the lack of education is caused by the countries not providing the appropiate material for learning. That's why at GIF, we are determined to provide education for all.

"This year, The BAM SCA, headed by Pranav Giridhar, participated in a giving tree program. Of course like everything else, there were some difficult problems and logistics that needed to be solved because of COVID. Pranav deftly led the SCA through these issues to host a successful event that ended up with quite a lot items being donated to a local Leesburg charity. Overall, the event was a smashing success and the charity was very pleased to receive our winter items."

-Benjamin Shewbridge, 8th Grade English Teacher at Brambleton Middle School